Olde Mill Village Homeowners

Association of Mt. Holly, NJ Inc.


2019 Annual Association dues

The 2019 annual Association dues invoice will be mailed out in January.  Please pay the invoice by the due date of February 28, 2019 in order to avoid a late fee of $100.00


Recyclable/ Trash cans  storage

The storage of trash and recycling cans in the front of a number of resident’s properties has become an eyesore in the community and is in violation of the Olde Mill Village Covenants and Restrictions.  Therefore, please ensure that all trash cans and recycling cans are stored in your back yard.  No exceptions.  Trash must be placed out for collection in front of your property no earlier than 6:00pm Thursday evening for pick up on Fridays mornings.  No trash is to be placed onto the street light pole islands.  Residents found in violation of this will be accessed a $10.00 fine.  All homeowner’s leasing their property must ensure their tenants are aware of this policy.


Delinquent 2018 Association Dues

Currently 10 homeowners are delinquent in their 2018 dues causing a deficit of $3300.00 for the 2018 operating budget.    They have been forwarded onto the attorney for collections.


Current Newsletter

A copy of the current news letter can be viewed HERE


Current Treasurer Report

A copy of the current Treasurer Report can be viewed HERE